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    The Wheeler Family

    East Peckham, Kent &
    Udimore, East Sussex

    Fuggles, Target, Admiral, Goldings

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    In 1690 the Wheeler Family grew hops in West Sussex.  John  and Jasper Wheeler moved to Kent in the early 19th century and Ken Wheeler on to East Sussex in the 20th century.

    This continuity of 10 generations has seen years of changing fortunes in this volatile industry.

    Simon and Phillip Wheeler now join their father Robert and uncle Christopher, confident that English Hops are a special high quality product with a future.

    They grow over 32 hectares of Fuggles, Target, Admiral and Kent Cobb and Early Choice Goldings at Udimore, Britains’ most southern hop farm and East Peckham, the traditional heartland of hop growing in the Weald of Kent.

    With a Continous Binder dryer on one farm and investment in a new oast and two new balers, the family believe in their business and that English hops have a positive market both at home and abroard.

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