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    Martin Powell-Tuck
    Pridewood Farm

    Ledbury, Herefordshire

    WGV, Bramling Cross, Fuggles, Target, Progress, UK Chinook, Ernest

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    We are Pridewood Hops, run by the Powell-Tuck family.  Martin is the main man, helped by Julia, Robert and Carole.

    Martin’s Father Geoffrey, farmed the hops at The Nupend, Munsley before they were eventually grubbed out.

    They then purchased the Whitehouse and we still have the hop yard there today.  Julie, Martin’s Wife, was brought up at Lower House, Canon Frome, where her Father, John Morris farmed the hops and we still rent one of those yards today.

    We are hoping that one of our Daughters may carry on.  One of our Daughters Emily, is currently learning the other side of selling hops at Charles Faram & Co Ltd.

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