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    Josh Berry
    Gushmere Court Farm

    Selling, Favesham, East Kent

    East Kent Goldings, Challenger, Fuggles

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    I farm some 200 hectares of land in the parishes of both Boughton and Selling located between Faversham and Canterbury in Kent.   Our soils vary from Chalky loam with flints through to Sandy loam, with some Thanet Beds and a little Brick earth.   Cropping includes hops, blackcurrants, pears, cherries, wheat, oats, oil seed rape and beans.

    The farm has been in the family for many generations. I am just about to start my tenth year managing the farm.  Growing hops is a key enterprise within the business.  Traditionally, growing East Kent Goldings and more recently, we have replanted varieties we used to grow.  Fuggles were planted in 2002 and Challenger were added in 2009. This has helped extend our harvest window and has ensured all of our hop growing systems are running at full capacity.

    I employ three very knowledgeable full time staff who have all worked for this family run business for over 30 years. Our valuable staff members assist with the day to day operations and a casual workforce of between 10 and 20 people are employed for hop training and harvest.

    Our business moves forward concentrating on the importance of the environment, our people and our quality products.

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