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    Frank & Ian Tipples
    Harts Heath Farm

    Staplehurst, Kent

    Admiral, Bramling Cross, Goldings, Progress, Target, W G V

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    I am a 3rd generation hop farmer and have been growing hops myself for over 40 years.  Our farm is 110 hectares, of which 20 hectares is dedicated to hops.

    Other activities on the farm are growing of cereals, apples and pears and the tending of sheep.

    I grow a variety of hop varieties with Admiral being my favourite as it is easy to grow and relatively disease free.

    I am quite fond of Shepherd Neame Master Brew or any good UK ale.

    I have retired from the post of Chairman of Marden Cricket and Hockey clubs, which I held for 10 years.  We are a successful club achieving the quarter finals of a National knockout competition.

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