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    Clive & Richard Edmed
    Hayle Farm

    Horsmonden, Kent

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    Hayle Farm is situated in a tranquil valley in the Weald of Kent between the small village of Horsmonden and the Sussex border.  The area is known as “The Garden of England” and is designated an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”

    Hops have been grown here since the 1590’s when the Flemish Wool Weavers settled around Goudhurst and brought their hop varieties with them.  In 1861, the variety ‘Fuggles’ was discovered in Horsmonden and first propagated in Brenchley, the next village to Horsmonden.

    Our situation here is perfect for growing hops, as it is well sheltered by the surrounding hills and a fresh water trout stream that meanders through the various hop gardens.

    Clive Edmed has farmed here for over 39 years and in the last 25 years has been joined by his son, Richard, making at least 5 generations of hop growers.

    A mix of tall and dwarf varieties are grown here, producing five different varieties of hops having excellent English aromas and colour due to the Wadhurst heavy soils and typical English climate.

    Growing hops is not only a business to us, it’s a way of life.

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